So you’re looking at doing a family session? Very cool

So you’re looking at doing a family session? Very cool

Hey there! I’m excited that you are here to find out what Aaron Gang Photography is all about!

I put this guide together for you to help you:

  • know who I am and why I do what I do
    understand how I work.
  • learn what happens before, during and after a session.
  • figure out if I’m the photographer for you.
  • book a chat or a session.

Searching for and picking a studio for a family photo session can be a process. Choosing someone you and your family can be comfortable with is so important, and it takes a bit of time and effort.

​I want to recognize and honor you right off the bat for valuing your family enough to search out a professional to create photos for you. Great job!

​Are you worried you don’t have enough time for this? Or that your partner may not be into it? Or that your kids will revolt into chaos!? Or maybe you’re concerned how you’ll look (but you know you want to capture this time nonetheless)?

​Most of our clients feel this way because they don’t know my process and they are not sure how things work, so let me tell you all about it, ok?

​So, continue reading or click the button below to skip to the next step in the process…


Family Clients come to us to celebrate their family, capture a fleeting moment in time, and make stunning artwork for the home.

My clients recognize their kids grow up too fast, want to celebrate how awesome their family is, reaffirm what awesome parents they are, and see how much love their family has for each other.

​My mission and purpose is to show families that they are each wonderful and full of love and to help them create modern, bespoke heirloom art to remember for their lives and generations beyond.

Let me assure you of a couple things first:

  • A family is any loving group. It can be a traditional cis gendered family, and it can be so much more: single and divorced parents and their children, queer couples, straight couples, a man and his dog. It’s all family. I’m a divorced dad and my daughter and I are all the family I need to be complete. Everyone of any color or belief is welcome to celebrate here.
  • ​I communicate with you and assist you each step of the way, including resources and consultation for clothing. I do all the work to make sure it’s easy for you and your family to get here, take great photos, and make stunning artwork for your home and office.
  • I support you to bring your partner on board. I believe it helps if I reach out to them even if it’s just a text to say hi. It’s their family, too, after all.
  • I create an environment that is comfortable for kids, let them drive the bus for a bit so they feel empowered, and intuit when a break is needed or it’s time to get back to the business of fun photos.
Now that that’s out of the way, let’s chat so you know WHO I am, and WHAT my beliefs are. And if I’m a fit for you, let’s get you and your family in here!
Who am I?
I’m Aaron Gang
The owner of Chicago’s Premier People Photo Studio!

After I got my Master’s in English, I was doing improv at a theatre in Chicago. Hanging out after shows, I’d hear actors complain about the personalities of their photographers. They described them as rude and egotistical. I always loved photography and did it non stop from my first year of high school through graduate school. Why don’t I open a studio, I thought. At least I won’t be a a*%hole!

​So I started with actors, which led to models and professionals and corporations. I still love making headshots for folks, and I missed making art on the wall and celebrating love.

As a divorced dad, I wanted to show parents that they were absolutely ENOUGH. I wanted to instill in dads and moms the confidence and peace that comes from knowing that they are great parents with awesome families. And, I wanted to give them the art to prove it each time they entered a room in their home.

​So I added FAMILIES to my studio, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

The Family Experience
‘We had an incredible family photo shoot with Aaron! His attention to detail before the shoot happened was the perfect way to ensure our entire experience felt not just comfortable but extraordinarily fun. (My wife does not feel as comfortable in front of a camera as I do but it was a non-issue with they way Aaron handled everything.) And who knew that Aaron would be a bit of a pet magician in his ability to get our energetic dog to pose as well! Can’t say enough great things… thanks Aaron!” – AR
From the moment you book your shoot till the moment you leave your artwork pickup, you get the VIP treatment with me!
I’ll deliver an experience like NO other!
I roll out the red carpet, make you and your family feel welcome, loved and important, and by the time you are done shooting experience, you’ll go from anxiety to JOY.
You’ll all emerge feeling reaffirmed as a family of loving, fun individuals.

How it works


Visit the studio or jump on a Video call for a tour. Have a deeper conversation, make a plan, and see product options.


Have some fun in front of the camera, smile all the smiles, kiss all the kisses, get all the groupings!


Celebrate your photos with a huge projection screen slideshow or Zoom meeting. Create your art and album with pro guidance.


Bravo! Time to hold your new gorgeous art and take it home to enjoy for years to come!

The Family Experience


  • A Family Session Prep Guide to help prepare

  • Preparation Phone Call with Aaron to answer Questions

  • Up to one hour in the studio or at one of my outdoor locations (weather permitting).

  • Photographed by Aaron

  • Professional Posing & Guidance at the Session

  • One Outfit Change for everyone

  • Image Reveal & Ordering Session with Aaron

  • Custom designs on your actual walls with amazing technology!

  • 1 – 11×14 Custom Print

  • Collections, Art Work, Digitals and Albums are EXTRA and purchased separately at your

My Main Goal: to make your whole family feel welcome and connected!!

What Products are you excited to purchase at the Reveal and Order Session?!
Some families already have a spot on their wall picked out or gift ideas for Grandma and Grandpa. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what you want yet.
Our most popular options:
  • Collections include wall art, digitals, and a gallery app. They can save you thousands of dollars over a la carte prices. Collections range from $899 – $3889
  • Digitals are $80 each or $2500 for a full session of favorites (about 50 photos).

  • Wall worthy custom artwork can be made at almost any size. A modest 24×16 pro wall art (stunning finish and presence) is under $800

  • Gifts that stand on their own and need no framing start at under $100

If you spend over $4000 you get your fee back as a credit. It’s my gift to you.

It’s like getting your session fee as my gift.

Payment plans can be set up

You will forget about the money, BUT YOU WILL



After you book your session with me on the phone…

  • You’ll be sent a confirmation email with a Prep Guide to get you and your family ready.
  • You’ll be sent a link to book a Prep Call with Aaron.
  • You’ll start finding the best outfit for everyone.
Ready to take a NEXT STEP?

Book a chat right here, now!