Actor Headshot Prep Guide

Congrats! If you’ve booked your headshot session and put down a deposit, you’ve done the hardest part of your headshots – the commitment! The rest is easy because you have Aaron Gang Photography as your guide. Here’s some additional guidance that will lead to success for your session!

Treat Yourself Right

A good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do! Do not drink or (God forbid) party the night before. If you smoke try to cut back as much as possible. Eat extra healthy 24 hours in advance of the shoot and eat light the day of the shoot.


Wear clothes that are comfortable and that make you look and feel great.

Bring a lot of tops for us to choose from. Bring at least 6 shirts for each look you are shooting, even more if you’re bringing t-shirts or camis to layer underneath (you obviously won’t wear them all—but we need choices). If this is a mini session, come wearing your first choice and bring a backup.

Subtle, solid colors that aren’t too light are the best. Avoid super bold colors like bright red. If you have blue, green, hazel or other “bright” color eyes, bring tops that match your eye color to bring out the color of your eyes. WE LOVE JEWEL TONES! Google it if you’re not sure what it is.

Bring a pair of jeans that fit you well and aren’t torn or too distressed. Oftentimes that’s all you’ll need to wear. You really only need to bring other pants, skirts, etc. if you are shooting a business/industrial look OR if you have a more unique style or another idea in mind.

Follow these guidelines for most of the clothes you bring – and then ignore everything written here for some more! Be a rule breaker.

Bring your favorite clothes, the ones that make you feel attractive or special or important. Bring clothing that you love, stuff that says, “this is me; this is my look.” Oftentimes one of the best outfits we use is the one clients walk in wearing off the street and didn’t plan to use! That’s because it’s simply them.

Bring different types of stuff. Vary the style and tone of your clothes. If all your shirts have the same type of collar, then the tight shots might seem like the same look even though you’ve changed. Think variance in: styles, fabric, texture, necks, collars, casual, dress, casual-dress and sleeves.

Bring clothes that fit perfect and are fresh and clean looking. If you don’t like most of your clothes or they’re in bad shape or don’t fit well, please go shopping! Save your receipt and return them if you don’t want to spend extra $$$.

Casual clothes are great. Don’t feel you have to be dressed up, unless that is your style or the look you’re going for.

Avoid all black and all white for the outside layer of your shirts.

Men especially, but women, too, if it fits your style: make sure to bring a white, black, and grey undershirt to layer.

Avoid distraction: crazy patterns, crazy stripes, crazy styles and really loud colors are no good. Your clothes should never steal focus from your face.

When in doubt, just bring it!

Iron, steam, or have your clothes pressed. It’s ok if they wrinkle some in travel, we’ll take care of it. You do not need to bring an iron.

Women: PLEASE bring a seamless, smooth bra that matches your skin tone very well. This way it will rarely show through. You also get to have more choice in sleeve length and neck line. Think extra variance within your style when it comes to sleeve length (or sleeveless) and neck line.

Happy Packing!

Come with your hair how you want it. Bring your own styling products and combs/brushes. Especially if you don’t have a separate makeup artist.

Don’t get a new hair cut just before the shoot – let it grow in a bit to get that natural and comfortable look.

If you’re having professional makeup through me, just come clean faced with no makeup. Women, if you don’t have a makeup artist, come with your makeup done in the lightest way you can (keep it as natural as possible), and bring mascara, a few lip shades, and translucent powder if you have. Men, if you don’t have a makeup artist, we will take care of you. We can do that for women, too, but it’s just prep and light foundation only, we don’t do eyes, lips, or other advanced stuff. Sorry.

Don’t Worry About Bringing

An Iron or a steamer – We’ve got that!

Music – I’ve got Apple Music so we can put on almost anything you want. If you do have a special playlist, though, bring it!

Were you planning on a stubble / Beard look and a clean shaven look? Don’t forget a razor and shaving cream. We’ve got the hot water and the towels. Hey, we even have a bathroom!

Pat Yourself on the Back
Thanks for taking the time to set us all up for success in getting you THE best headshots. Our tag is “See yourself in the best light.” It doesn’t happen without your hard work and great attitude. Thanks!

Click here here for a guide to matching colors to your skin tone.