Family Love Notes & Children’s Drawings

Writing love notes for adults and making drawings for children is a super simple yet powerful way to set intention for your family photo session. Here are some tips and tricks to get you through it.

For Adults

Start by asking yourself what family means to you and why that’s important.Then, for each member of your family take a moment to describe what do you love and appreciate about them.

Imagine you only had one day left with your child before going on a trip to Mars. You might make it back or you might not. Your children might grow up with an astronaut parent or they might grow up with only a memory of you.

What would you want them to know about life and how much you love them and what you think they’re capable of.

A heartfelt and handwritten letter with pen and paper from a daughter to her father.

For Children

Make a drawing of the family and include all their favorite things. Try to not look at it until the photo session.

You can take it out then and everyone can celebrate all the beautiful ideas it represents.