Top 10 Corporate Photographers in Chicago

In today’s world of social media, having the right business photos is more important than ever. There are so many talented corporate photographers in the Windy City that it was tough to narrow it down—and that’s why this list is top 10 instead of top 5! If you’re looking for some amazing photographers for your business, look no further: these are the best in Chicago.

If you need more than just a good corporate photographer in the Chicago area, then Aaron Gang Photography is the right choice. Aaron Gang is known for his ability to provide exceptional service, which is why he’s have been in business for over 10 years. From portrait sessions to commercial work and head shots, his experience and portfolio can provide you with whatever you need.

He knows how important it is for your images to be just right, which is why he is dedicated to making any adjustments that may be necessary to get the shot just right. Aaron caters to companies of all sizes and types, so no matter what you need him for, he can handle it! (Photo by Aaron Gang Photography)

Organic Headshots is a team of photographers with a broad range of experience and expertise, who are committed to providing the highest quality images for your business.

Th owner, Michelle Kaffko, has a degree in film theory, but she first got into photography when she was only 16. They specialize in corporate photography, which involves coaching you into “great poses and smiles”.

They take pride in their work and it shows in their portfolio which includes clients such as The NBA, Capital One, Facebook, Chicago Loop Alliance and many others. If you’re looking for a women-owned photography business that specializes in corporate photography, Organic Headshots is the perfect pick. (Photo by Organic Headshots)

When it comes to choosing a corporate photographer in Chicago, it is important to have a photographer who has been in business for several years and has a great reputation. Kyle Bondeson has been around for over 15 years and will be able to provide you with excellent service. He has experience photographing events of all sizes and types, which means they can take care of whatever you need.

His portfolio is extensive, showcasing the quality of their work across all industries including marketing, acting and more. He also have an eye for detail that many other photographers lack. With so many options out there when searching for corporate photographers in Chicago look no further than Kyle Bondeson! (Photo by Kyle Bondeson Photography)

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is a photography company that specializes in creative and fun corporate photography. They have a team of experienced professionals who offer photography, videography, branding, and other services. They also have a wide variety of packages to choose from and would be a great choice for corporate photography in Chicago.

Their style of photography involves taking photos of people at work and events that they attend while they are working. In addition to being an expert photographer, they also help clients with their marketing strategies and branding needs. (Photo by Chicago Corporate Photography & Video)

When you choose Tori Soper as your corporate photographer in Chicago, you will receive high-quality images to help spread the word about your company. Tori is one of the top corporate photographers in Chicago, who specializes in all forms of photography for businesses in the area. They have extensive experience and know how to handle any event from large corporate events to intimate modeling shoots. You can count on them to take care of everything from making sure the lighting is just right to making sure you have the photos you need. (Photo by Tori Soper Photography)

312 Elements Headshot Photography is a full service photography studio that specializes in corporate events, actor headshots and more. Their photographers are great at creating beautiful, high resolution images that demand attention! They focus on creating natural, yet artistic imagery that showcases their clients for their best self. They offer very competitive pricing, state-of-the-art studio facilities, a relaxed setting and a quick turnaround time. (Photo by 312 Elements Headshot Photography)

Andrew Collings is a master at capturing the moment. Whether he’s shooting an event or portrait session, he’ll make sure that you get the best images possible. These experienced, professional photographers will make sure your headshot session is fun, relaxed, and painless-all while delivering crisp, high quality images that make a statement. If you want to impress your clients with high-quality imagery and professional service, then Andrew and his team are the people for the job. (Photo by Andrew Collings Photography)

Photographers at Studio Redleaf Headshots Photography have been working in the industry for over 7 years, so they can offer you the expertise of a seasoned team when it comes to your corporate photography needs. The headshots taken at Studio Redleaf will help ensure that your company’s image is consistent, professional and memorable by incorporating your brand colors into their wardrobe and background set ups. These images will be perfect for both internal use (such as employee profiles) or external promotion (like social media). (Photo by Studio Redleaf Headshots Photography)

Brian McConkey Photography is a Chicago-based commercial photography company that has been working with clients for over 30 years. Their studio is located in downtown Chicago, where they can provide you with high-quality images that will tell your story.

The founder of Brian McConkey Photography, Brian McConkey, began his career as a photographer before he was even out of college. Since then, he’s worked on projects for several big brands and celebrities including Michael Reinsdorf (owner of the Chicago Bulls) and Allison Tolman (Golden Globe nominated Actor in Fargo) to name just a few! With a full range of high quality photography services to choose from and spectacular prices, Brian McConkey Photography is a one stop shop for you to get what you need. (Photo by Brian McConkey Photography)

Whether you are a business professional, actor or model – Lisa Kay Photography works with several industries to ensure they get the best headshots possible. Lisa has a great portfolio and is very friendly and easy to work with. She takes the time to understand your needs and vision, which helps make sure the shoot goes smoothly (and that you get the results you want). Her photography style definitely has a certain je ne sais quoi about it! If you want someone who’s good at what they do, Lisa Kay is the person for the job! (Photo by Lisa Kay Photography)

I hope this list helps you find the perfect photographer for your next corporate project. They’re all incredibly talented, so it might be difficult to choose just one! All ten photographers are located in Chicago and specialize in headshots and corporate events. If you want to prepare for your upcoming corporate headshot session, check out our previous article for a guide on how to prepare.