Top 10 Family Photographers in Chicago

Family photography can be tricky — making children look at the camera, getting adults to act natural in front of it, and managing to capture posed portraits and candid shots. Luckily, these photographers know a thing or two about taking family photos!

Looking for the best family photographers in Chicago? Well, you can stop wondering now because these expert photographers are committed to capturing all the silly, snuggly and sweet moments that parents have come to expect from their family photos — and a little more.


The magic of a good family photo is the feeling that you and your family friends have just captured, not just a visual moment in time. Something about being together — perhaps, even a sense of your special place in the world — makes for an aura of calm and affection in photos. Aaron Gang’s technique uniquely captures this kind of real energy. His eye is uncanny: he sees, captures, and creates what you and others love best. And because he’s more concerned with capturing genuine relations. (Photo by Aaron Gang Photography)

Jenny Grimm is a lifestyle photographer based out of Chicago. Her photographs capture natural interactions and relationships between family members. Her fresh approach to family photography truly captures the beauty of family and involves a more candid and less stiffed, posed type of photograph. These images are timeless, inspiring, and full of life! (Photo by Jenny Grimm Photography)

Laurie Peacock is an award-winning photographer with a style that is dynamic yet classic. Her compositions evoke a very different feeling than the original source material, yet still carry its essence. Whether she’s capturing grandpa and the new baby or a sweet picture of your family at play, her work always seems new and full of life. (Photo by Laurie Peacock Photography)

Whether you’re having a baby, getting married, or just looking for family photos, Abigail Joyce is a Chicago-based photographer who is terrific at telling your story. Her candid and lifestyle photography captures those sweet moments that tell the story of your family and who you are as people. Whether you want to keep an album or something to show on the wall at home, she makes all of her work simple and beautiful, so it’s touching, but not overly crafted. (Photo by Abigail Joyce Photography)

Maggie Rife Ponce is a Chicago-based family photographer who specializes in in-home lifestyle photography. Maggie is a bold, candid image-maker who has a keen eye for urban spaces and the details that make everyday life alive. She brings an energy and warmth to all of her photography, with a natural ease to capture intimate moments. In her photos of you, your family, and your home, she’ll give you memories you will treasure forever as you document your vivid life. (Photo by Rife Ponce Photography)

Hannah Drews is a lifestyle newborn, baby and family photographer dually located in Ann Arbor, MI on the beautiful north shore of Lake Erie. She brings a fresh and innovative style to each and every photo session. Her unique ability to capture little details which make you say “That’s just like our family” or capture emotion that it makes you feel like you are right there with the moments really sets her apart. (Photo by Hannah Drews Photography)

Family pictures are powerful. Whether you’re a family of three or a football team, the photos you take together are more than just a shot at a memory — they capture light and motion, love and calm. The images hold the genuine personality of who you are together. Bubble+Spark captures all this with their honest eye and sophisticated approach. (Photo by Bubble+Spark Chicago Family Photography)

Suzanne “Suzy” Brown takes the most wonderful pictures, which are so much more than the sum of their pixels. In her work she conveys what it’s like to be in love with your family — all the joy, the giggle and joke, the warmth, that is far more memorable and rewarding than how you look. This is why Suzy works with her clients over a period of time. Sessions are relaxed, impromptu and lots of fun — no sense of posing in a stiff studio. (Photo by Simply by Suzy Photography)

Narmin Nasir is a perfect pick for engagement, baby, family, and newborn photography in Chicago. She adds delicate details to her work to further emphasize the intimate feel of each photo session. These details include bits of florals, unique hand-made backdrops and props, as well as soft lighting. She matches her clients’ clothing styles for more natural looking photographs, and she puts a lot of thought into her photographic lighting. (Photo by Narmin Nasir Photography)

Ten Little Bluebirds Photography is run by award-winning photographer, Emily Cummings. As a Chicago baby and family photographer, Emily captures the joy of life that families experience. She employs modern techniques, including colored backgrounds to harmonize with her subjects and low light to create magical photographs, wherever possible. (Photo by Ten Little Bluebirds Photography)

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