Top 10 Pet Photographers in Chicago

Pet photography has become quite a popular niche in the photography industry, with a variety of styles ranging from candid to posed shots. Whether it’s your cat or dog that helps you de-stress at work, or a companion that keeps the joyful spirit in your home, there’s no better way to preserve those moments than with professional pet photography.

Are you looking for the best pet photographers in Chicago? These pet photographers in Chicago capture all the silliness and sweetness of your furry family members!

Aaron Gang is a Chicago photographer that has an eye for capturing all the love that pets give us and making it shine on your walls. He creates photography art that reminds you just why you fell in love with your furry friend, or even in the first place. What a wonderful way to rediscover that love and joy each time you look at the art on your wall! (Photo by Aaron Gang Photography)

When Josh Feeney isn’t shooting weddings and sports, he spends his days photographing hundreds of dogs at Chicago Animal Care & Control. As one of the Windy City’s best-known animal photographers, Josh has built up a following of thousands on Instagram by posting his many snapshots of shelter dogs and pit bulls. He’s truly an animal photographer that is changing the world for one photogenic pup at a time! (Photo by Josh Feeney)

Fetch Portraits offers custom pet photography based on the pets’ individual personalities, helping your furry friends look their best — and letting them have some fun while they’re at it. Jennifer Whaley, owner of Fetch Portraits, knows how to make your pet a great subject for cute photos, which could include a holiday-themed portrait to share the season with friends, family and coworkers. She knows how to keep it furry and fun! (Photo by Fetch Portraits)

Candice Cusic is an award-winning photographer based in Chicago who creates stunning portraits of people and their pets. Candice’s documentary-based background lends a unique perspective to pet and wedding portraiture. Her photos are lighthearted and joyful, often focusing on interactions between people and their furry friends. She photographs on location or in her studio, according to client needs. (Photo by Candice C. Cusic Photography)

Animals are essential for Martin Aspera’s photography business, Van & Bella’s. The professional photographer’s work has become well-known for depicting pets in human situations and making them seem humorous and expressive. For example, the subjects of his portraits often appear engaged in activities like eating or reading, but they have been photographed by Aspera with a zoom lens to make the animals appear larger than life. They end up making people feel connected to animals in ways they might not have before because they can relate to the silly or thoughtful expressions on their faces. (Photo by Van & Bella’s)

Leah Lewis is Chicago’s premier photographer for dogs, equestrian and wedding photography, is dedicated to helping clients capture candid moments of their pets. Her portfolio features stunning images that capture the animals’ personalities in a captivating and elegant way. Sure, you’ll find plenty of cute shots of those furry friends, but she also takes the time to capture the personality that makes them so special. (Photo by Leah Lewis)

Photos of fuzzy animals doing their silly best to win our hearts is a trope as old as time. But David Sutton, a pet photographer from Evansville, Indiana, has figured out how to tap into something more primal with his business slogan of “Oh, the Humanity.”

The crisp, black-and-white studio work shows off his aesthetic, but the photos are most memorable when they capture interactions between the pets and their owners that display the unique ways they make each other feel better than they could on their own. (Photo by David Sutton)

Sheri Berliner of Petraits is one of Chicago’s most renowned pet photographers. She specializes in studio and location photography of dogs, cats, birds, and other animals. Along with her long-established presence in the field, she’s renowned for the sheer variety of pets she likes to capture through her lens. Whether it’s dogs, cats, or more eclectic subjects — such as lizards and birds — Sheri is up for the job! (Photo by Petraits Pet Photography)

Fetching Foto is a pet photography business based in the Chicagoan suburb of St. Charles. Run by Kim Stines, this pet portrait studio specializes in expressive animal portraiture, with an emphasis on detailed collaboration with pet owners and shooting at locations where animals can feel comfortable and simply be themselves. (Photo by Fetching Foto Photography)

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