Top 10 Photographers for Professional Headshots in Chicago

Whether you’re applying for your first job out college or trying to make a career change, hiring managers and recruiters are going to look at your professional LinkedIn profile. And having a great headshot is a must if you want recruiters to remember your name. This may sound like an overwhelming task, but fortunately Chicago offers some of the best photographers in the world who specialize in headshots. So, before you take another selfie with your phone (please don’t), check out our top choices on this list!

With over 10 years of experience in the photographer industry, Aaron Gang Photography provides professional photography services for businesses, individuals and families. They believe that everyone deserves high quality photos that reflect their unique style and personality. They also offer various packages scheduled around your availability so you can choose exactly what type of photo shoot works best for your schedule or needs. (Photo by Aaron Gang Photography)

Mike Sansone Photography is a full-service photography studio based in Chicago that specializes in high-quality portraits and professional photography, with packages to fit everyone’s needs. Mike uses professional lighting and equipment to spotlight your features in a way that gets taken seriously. Having a professional headshot taken is an essential part of building your presence as a young Chicago professional. As he stated, “A Mike Sansone Headshot will make people want to work with you!”. (Photo by Mike Sansone Photography)

A Little Photo Studio is a Chicago-based photography studio that specializes in headshots, portraits and lifestyle photography. They can help you find the perfect location, outfit, and lighting to make sure your photo looks engaging and professional. Getting a professional headshot is an integral part of representing your company in the best light — and this studio gets it right every time! (Photo by A Little Photo Studio)

At Brian McConkey Photography, they believe that photography should be an experience. Brian McConkey, owner of Brian McConkey Photography, takes pride in providing a comfortable and enjoyable photography experience for his clients and their families. His portfolio includes headshots for actors, models, businesspeople, and more. From beginning to end, he will work with you to create the best possible images for your business or publication. (Photo by Brian McConkey Photography)

Whether you’re an executive yourself or you need to market your business to executives, Studio RedLeaf Headshots Photography provides a professional and affordable option for creating great-looking headshots. Their studio is located in downtown Chicago, where they can provide you with a wide range of services and spectacular prices. From business headshots to revitalized pictures for your LinkedIn profile, they are prepared to deliver all of your photographic needs, including any digital or printing services involving high-level professional quality images. (Photo by Studio RedLeaf Headshots Photography)

Studio or on location, Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is a Chicago photography company that specializes in headshots for executives. Located in the heart of Chicago, they offer corporate portraits and headshots for several industries, including healthcare, real estate, restaurants, and more. They can help you find the perfect locations and create timeless images that will tell your story in an authentic way. Whether you’re looking for headshots or advertising photography, they are there to help! (Photo by Chicago Corporate Photography & Video)

Anna Cillan is a Chicago-based photographer with a background that specializes in high-end corporate headshots used for LinkedIn and performer portfolios. Anna’s work has appeared on many big networks and publications including ABC 7 News, Chicago Sun Times, Hispanic Executive, and Anna Murphy among others. She takes great pride in creating authentic images that you can share with confidence. Let her help you project an image that fits perfectly with your brand while making it shine brighter than ever before! (Photo by Anna Cillan Photography)

Studio Soo Photo & Video is a full-service photography studio with more than 19 years of experience and a specialty in establishing good first impressions. Established by husband and wife team, Soohyun and Saehee, Studio Soo understand the importance of branding and how it can set you apart from your competition. They are there to help you get that professional look with head shots that fit your line of work, whether you are going for a corporate job or comedian. (Photo by Studio Soo Photo & Video)

Bauwerks Photo Studio is a full service commercial photography company with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Their photographers will consult with you to determine the look you want and execute it perfectly. If you’re looking for a photographer who can give you the kind of professional headshot that will make all the difference in your career or personal life—and if you want to work with someone who is locally based—Bauwerks Photo Studio should be your first stop on this list! (Photo by Bauwerks Photo Studio)

Organic Headshots is a full service photography company that specializes in corporate headshots, executive portraits and executive team photos. Their goal is to deliver high quality images that accurately capture the essence of your brand or organization while exceeding your expectations as a client. Their team of professional photographers and retouchers create images that grab attention, keep it, and help you grow your business by promoting your services or products with impactful visuals that resonate with consumers. (Photo by Organic Headshots)

We’ve given you some of the best photographers in Chicago to look at for your LinkedIn profile photo. Start by choosing a photographer who specializes in professional headshots, then decide what kind of pose and background you want. You can also choose to use the same photographer for your team’s LinkedIn profiles, which can be helpful if you have a company page on the site. If you’re preparing your upcoming professional photoshoot, check out our article on how to prepare!